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About Cyprus… About the exhibition…

Located in a strategic position at the crossroad of three continents, Cyprus has an astronishingly rich history and culture, contributing to the enrichment of European civilization. To celebrate Cyprus National Day, this exhibition brings together four distringuished British Cypriot atists who are based and work in the UK. Their work is largely inspired by the history, culture and society of Cyprus. Through different techniques, materials and themes the four artists offer a kaleidoscopic view of the Island as a living and constantly changing entity.

Originally inspired by the cultural influences of the matopetra (evil eye), Yorgos Papadopoulos develops away from the awareness of evil, as the original amulet is most closely portrayed in the smallest piece, into cosmic and, through the use of mirrored glass, into the ultimate self-awareness.

Preoccupied mainly with colour, the gradual accretion of paint on paint in Michael Minas’ abstract pictures derives from natural subjects observed and drawn in the field.

Cos Gerolemou tries to reach the minds and feelings of viewers by presenting sculpure with symbols, relationship of the human experience and our senses.

Finally, Doros Partasides’ photographic lens captures the diachronic history of Cyprus, with the belief that if 1000 words are one photograph, then 1000 photographs are one word: Cyprus

Euripides L Evriviades
High Commissioner